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The product

On-site training kit with real explosives
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Alfa T

Our starting point

K9 Explosive Detection Training today is strictly regulated and expensive

To guarantee EDD’s recognise real explosive odour it is essential to train with real explosives. This is an expensive, complex and time-consuming process due to the danger of explosions, while cross-contamination highly influences training effectivity. Additionally, handling and storage is tied to strict regulations. A solution based on real explosives, which are not marked as dangerous good, would save time and costs. Furthermore, it would increase the efficiency and effectivity of the K9 training and make on site, live training possible.


Training with real explosives, even with TATP and HMTD
  • Real Explosives, Real Odour

    Small amount of genuine yet inoffensive explosives while ensuring the odour emission is equal to that of a concealed bulk explosive.

  • No cross-contamination

    Avoids contamination of the test environment. Training in public spaces does not cause problems with regards to proliferation.

  • Affordable Solution

    With EMPK’s, EDD training can be done anywhere to preference. No investment required for permits or mandatory facilities to handle explosives.

  • All Types Of Real Explosives

    All common explosives available such as TATP, HMTD, TNT, etc. Concept is open for customised solutions.

  • Minimal Bureaucratic Effort

    EMPK is not listed as a dangerous good as it contains only a small amount of explosives. No requirements in storage, handling and shipping. Multiple types of explosives can be transported together.

  • More Effective Training

    Training on-site with the real odour as EMPK shells are scentless and will not take over background odours. Additionally, odour strength can be controlled easily by strategic placing.

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The statistics

Alfa T is the best solution for the current situation
  • Real explosives, no pseudo
  • Not labelled as a dangerous good
  • Science based solution

Limitless customising

Limitless customising

On site training

PAX per minute

Used by

  • German Army
  • German Federal Police
  • German State Police